October 12, 2018

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KPIT Technologies Most Frequently Asked Spring MVC Latest Interview Questions Answers

What is Weaving in Spring?

Weaving is the process of linking aspect with other application types or object to create an advised object. This can be performed at compile time, runtime and load time. In spring framework weaving is performed at runtime.

What is AOP Proxy?

AOP proxy is an object to implement the aspect contracts (advice method executions and so on). The AOP proxy is object is created by the AOP framework. In spring framework AOP proxy is JDK dynamic proxy or CGLIB proxy.

What is front controller in Spring MVC?

The Front Controller is basically a type of Design pattern which are being implemented in different framework (e.g. Struts and Spring MVC etc.).

In Spring MVC DispatcherServlet act as a Front Controller for the framework and responsible for intercepting every request and then dispatches/forwards request to appropriate controller. Configure the DispatcherServlet in the web.xml file of web application and request which we want to be handled by DispatcherServlet should be mapped using URL mapping.

For example all the requests ending with *.do will be handled by the DispatcherServlet.

KPIT Technologies Most Frequently Asked Spring MVC Latest Interview Questions Answers
KPIT Technologies Most Frequently Asked Spring MVC Latest Interview Questions Answers

Difference between FileSystemResource and ClassPathResource.

In FileSystemResource you need to give the configuration file (i.e. spring-config.xml) relative to your project or the absolute location of the file.

In ClassPathResource spring looks for the file in the ClassPath so configuration (i.e. spring-config.xml) file should be included in the classpath. If spring-config.xml is in classpath, you can simply give the name of the file.

For Example: If your configuration file is at src/main/java/com/test/loadresource then your
FileSystemResource would be:
FileSystemResource resource = new FileSystemResource("src/main/java/com/test/loadresource/spring-config.xml");
And ClassPathResource would be :
ClassPathResource resource = new ClassPathResource("com/test/loadresource /spring-config.xml");

What is inner Bean Definition?

A bean definition added inside the property or constructor-arg elements are called inner bean.

- Example :
<bean id="outerbean" class="...">
<!-- instead of using a reference to a target bean, simply define the target bean inline -->
<property name="targetbean">
<bean class="com.example.Person"> <!-- this is the inner bean -->
<property name="name" value="XYZ"/>
<property name="age" value="35"/>

Give examples of how spring platform can be used by an application developer.

The spring platform can be used by an application developer in the following way :

Java method can be made to execute in a database transaction without having to deal with transaction APIs.

Local Java method can be made a remote procedure without having to deal with remote APIs.
Local Java method can be made a management operation without having to deal with JMX APIs.
Local Java method can be made a message handler without having to deal with JMS APIs.

What are the various ways of using spring?

There are various ways and forms in which springs can be used.
They are listed as follows:

1. Full-fledged Spring web app.

2. Spring middle-tier provides help of a third-party web framework.

3. Remote usage scenario: allow the system to be used to remotely use the resources from the server. The remote usage can be done to grab the data from the server or for troubleshooting the environment.

4. EJB -- Wrapping existing POJOs.
Specify the locations where spring can publish its artifacts.

Spring generally publishes its artifacts to four different places:

1. Community download site http://spring.io/downloads/community.

2. Maven Central, which is considered the default repository that Maven queries, and does not require any special configuration to use.

3. The Enterprise Bundle Repository (EBR), which is considered to be run by SpringSource and also hosts all the libraries that integrate with Spring.
4. Public Maven repository hosted on Amazon S3 for the development of snapshots and milestone releases. The jar file names are given in the same form as Maven Central, which makes it a useful place to get development versions of Spring to use with other libraries Spring Framework deployed in Maven Central.

What are the features of the new spring build system in use now days?

Now the new Spring build system is used which comes with the following features :

1. "Spring Built" system which is based on Ivy.

2. consistent procedure for deployment.

3. dependency management which is made consistent.

4. consistent generation for OSGi.

List in brief the new features Spring 3.0 has to offer.

Spring 3.0 offers the following new features:

1. Spring Expression Language.

2. IoC enhancements or Java based bean metadata.

3. field formatting and General-purpose type conversion system.

4. Object to XML mapping functionality (OXM) moved from Spring Web Services project.

5. Comprehensive REST support.

6. @MVC additions.

7. Declarative model validation.

8. Early support for Java EE 6.

9. Embedded database support.

What are the annotations supported by the spring framework?

Due to addition of some core features from the JavaConfig project to the Spring Framework,the following annotations are now directly supported :

Explain in brief the metadata contained in the BeanDefinition objects.

Bean definitions contain the following metadata:

1. A package-qualified class name: which is the actual implementation class of the bean being defined.

2. Bean behavioral configuration elements, which state the procedure for how the bean should behave in the container

3. References to other beans that are required for the bean to do its work; these references are also called collaborators or dependencies.

4. Other configuration settings to set when a new object is created, for example, the number of connections to use in a bean that manages a connection pool or the size limit of the pool.

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