October 11, 2018

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Marketo Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Are The Reporting Service Components In Ssrs?

Report Designer: a place where the report is designed or created.

Report Server: provides services for implementation and delivery of reports.

Report Manager: a web-based administration tool to manage the Report Server.

What Are Advantages Of Ssrs Or Why We Should Use Ssrs?

The SQL Server Reporting Services or SSRS has some Advantages. Such

It is faster and cheaper
Efficient reporting access to information residing in both Oracle and MS SQL Server databases
No need for expensive specialist skills
The default report designer is integrated with Visual Studio .NET so that we can create application and its reports in the same environment
The security is managed in a role-based manner and can be applied to folders as well as reports
Once parameters are defined, the UI for these parameters is automatically generated
Subscription based reports are automatically sent by mail to the users

What Are The Limitations/drawbacks Or Ssrs 2008 R2?

The SSRS 2008 R2 has some limitations. Some limitations are given below

There is no print button. In order to print need to export excel, PDF or others format
It is very hard to debug expression or custom code
Its does not use page number or total pages in report body
Don’t support rounding rectangle
There is no way to pass values from sub-reports to main report
It is not possible to insert a sub-report into the page header or page footer
Page header creates extra spaces in the next pages.
Marketo Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers
Marketo Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Are The Core Components Of Ssrs?

SSRS includes the following core components

A complete set of tools that can be used to create, view and manage report
A Report Server component that hosts and processes reports in a variety of formats like HTML, PDF, TIFF, Excel, CSV, and more
An API that allows developers to integrate in custom applications or to create custom tools to build or manage reports

What Is Data Set In Report?

Data set is a set of data which we want to show in report. Data source is the source of data from where we are getting this data (database server name, database name, connection string).

What Are The Different Types Of Data Sources In Ssrs?

SSRS use different data source. Some of them are listed below

Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server Analysis Service
Report Server Model
SAP Net weaver BI

What Are The Types Of Ssrs?

The types of SSRS are given below

Parameterized reports
Linked reports
Snapshot reports
Cached reports
Ad hoc reports
Clickthrough reports
Drilldown reports
Drillthrough reports

What Are The Export Options Of Ssrs?

SSRS allow many ways of rendering the reports

Tiff (image)

What is Report manager?

Report Manager is a Web-based report access and management tool that you use to administer a single report server instance from a remote location over an HTTP connection. You can also use Report Manager for its report viewer and navigation features.
You can use Report Manager to browse the report server folders or search for specific reports. You can view a report, its general properties, and past copies of the report that are captured in report history.

What is Report Builder?

Web-based tool to create reports
Come free with SQL Server 2005
Launch Report Builder 1.0 to create ad hoc reports that you can save and run on the report server.
Users build desired reports themselves; can export to Word, Excel, PDF, and more

What is Report Server?

The report server is the central component of a Reporting Services installation. It consists of a pair of core processors plus a collection of special-purpose extensions that handle authentication, data processing, rendering, and delivery operations.

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