October 11, 2018

Sreekanth B

OpenText Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers

Explain what is SSIS?

SSIS or SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of Microsoft SQL Server, which can be used to accomplish a broad range of data migration tasks.

Mention what are the possible locations to save SSIS package?

You can save SSIS package at

SQL Server
Package Store
File System

What will be your first approach if the package that runs fine in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) but fails when running from an SQL agent job?

The account that runs SQL Agent Jobs might not have the required permission for one of the connections in your package. In such cases, either you can create a proxy account or elevate the account permissions.

Explain what is connection managers in SSIS?

While gathering data from different sources and writing it to a destination, connection managers are helpful.  Connection manager facilitates the connection to the system that include information’s like data provider information, server name, authentication mechanism, database name, etc.

Explain what is SSIS breakpoint?

A breakpoint enables you to pause the execution of the package in business intelligence development studio during troubleshooting or development of an SSIS package.
OpenText Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers
OpenText Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers

Explain what is event logging in SSIS?

In SSIS, event logging allows you to select any specific event of a task or a package to be logged. It is very helpful when you are troubleshooting your package to understand the performance package.

Explain what is logging mode property?

SSIS packages and all the associated tasks have a property called LoggingMode.   This property accepts three possible values

Disabled: To disable logging of the component
Enabled: To enable logging of the component
UseParentSetting: To use parent’s setting of the component

Explain what is a data flow buffer?

SSIS operates using buffers; it is a kind of an in-memory virtual table to hold data.

Explain what is a container? How many types of containers are there in SSIS?

In SSIS, a container is a logical grouping of tasks, and it allows to manage the scope of a task together.

Types of containers in SSIS are

Sequence container
For loop container
Foreach loop container
Task host container

Explain what is Precedence Constraint in SSIS?

Precedence Constraint in SSIS enables you to define the logical sequence of tasks in the order they should be executed.  You can connect all the tasks using connectors- Precedence Constraints.

Explain what variables in SSIS and what are the types of variables in SSIS?

Variable in SSIS is basically used to store values.  In SSIS, there are two types of variables system variable and user variable.

Mention what are the important components of SSIS package?

The important component in SSIS package are

Data flow
Control flow
Package explorer
Event handler

Explain what is Solution Explorer in SSIS?

Solution Explorer in SSIS Designer is a screen where you can view and access all the data sources, data sources views, projects, and other miscellaneous files.

Explain what does it mean by data flow in SSIS?

Data flow in SSIS is nothing but the flow of data from the corresponding sources to the target destinations.

Define what is “task” in SSIS?

Task in SSIS is a very much similar to the method of any programming language that represents or carries out an individual unit of work.  Tasks are categorized into two categories

Control Flow Tasks
Database Maintenance Tasks

Explain what is SSIS package?

A package in SSIS is an organized collection of connections like data flow elements, control events, event handlers, parameters, variables, and configurations. You assemble them by either building it programmatically or by graphical design tools that SSIS provides.

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