October 21, 2018

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Most Frequently Asked Latest HTML Interview Questions Answers

What Is Xhtml Validation?

XHTML validation is the process of validating XHTML document with w3c’s validator

How Is Xhtml Better Than Html? Why Would You Want To Use Xhtml?

to be able to take advantage of new coding techniques
problems with the earlier versions have been fixed.
XHTML is a fairly close copy of HTML 4.01.

Extensibility : Under HTML, the addition of a new group of elements requires alteration of the entire DTD. XML greatly eases the integration of new element collections as it is a subset of SGML itself and specifies it's own DTD.

Portability : By the year 2002 as much as 75% of Internet access could be carried out on non-PC platforms such as palm computers, televisions, fridges, automobiles, telephones, etc. In most cases these devices will not have the computing power of a desktop computer, and will not be designed to accommodate ill-formed HTML as do current browsers.

Currently, the Netscape browser helps greatly for testing web pages by displaying blank or broken pages when it comes across sloppy coding. IE is the most forgiving browser and will show almost any page no matter the extent of coding errors. While HTML itself isn't completely lacking in extensibility or portability but the evolution of it has been extremely slow compared to the pace of Internet development. This fuels the problems encountered trying to make your pages work on a wide range of browsers and platforms. XHTML will help to remedy those problems.

Is Is Right Only Certain Tags May Nest Inside Other Tags In Xhtml?

Yes, In XHTML we can insert only certain tags inside other tags. Example
<ol> Some my favorite flowers are
and my most favorite flower is
<li>red rose</li> </ol>
In the above example we insert the paragraph between
<li> tag.It's wrong. In case of XHTML our example looks like that, becomes <p>
Some my favorite flowers are:</p> <ol>
<li>red rose</li>

What Is Xhtml? Why Xhtml?

XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is a combination of XML and HTML capabilities. XHTML can be viewed as intersection of HTML and XML in many aspects.

Why To Use Xhtml?

Most of the web pages contain bad HTML Combines the strengths of both XML and HTML.
XHTML is strict in defining the tags, like Properly nested elements.
All elements must always be closed.
All elements must be written in lower case.
Every XHTML document must have one root element.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Most Frequently Asked Latest HTML Interview Questions Answers
PricewaterhouseCoopers Most Frequently Asked Latest HTML Interview Questions Answers

Differences Between Xml And Html

Since XML and HTML are derived from SGML they are similar, but have the following differences
1. XML is case-sensitive.
2. XML must have quotes (single or double) around attributes.
3. Most interpreters of HTML are very forgiving about missing end tags – XML parses are not.
4. Comments start with <– and end with –>. Inside a comment, "–" may not appear. Although this is fine in html, it confuses xml parsers.

In Xhtml Tags May Overlap Or Not?

In XHTML tags may not be overlapped.
Example: <em> emphasized text and <b>bold </em>text</b> We can use above example in XHTML like that, <em>emphasized text </em> is <b>bold text</b>

Write Example That Shows Every Attribute Must Have A Value In Xhtml?

Using example I will show you in XHTML every attribute must have a value.
Example in HTML
<ol compact> <input type="radio" name="title" value="decline" checked>decline</input>
Below, I write a same example in XHTML. <ol compact="compact" > <input type="radio" name="title" value="decline" checked="checked">decline</input> In this we assign value compact, checked to element compact and checked.

Why Is This Xslt Important?

Rather than manually creating WML markup, XSLT will enable XHTML documents to be automatically converted to WML.

Should I Use An Http Get Or Post For My Ajax Calls?

AJAX requests should use an HTTP GET request when retrieving data where the data will not change for a given request URL. An HTTP POST should be used when state is updated on the server. This is in line with HTTP idempotency recommendations and is highly recommended for a consistent web application architecture.

Do I Have To Memorize A Bunch Of Tags?

No. Most programs that help you write HTML code already know most tags, and create them when you press a button. But you should understand what a tag is, and how it works. That way you can correct errors in your page more easily.

Can I Have Two Or More Actions In The Same Form?

No. A form must have exactly one action. However, the server-side (e.g., CGI) program that processes your form submissions can perform any number of tasks (e.g., updating a database, sending email, logging a transaction) in response to a single form submission.

How Can I Use Forms For Pull-down Navigation Menus?

There is no way to do this in HTML only; something else must process the form. JavaScript processing will work only for readers with JavaScript-enabled browsers. CGI and other server-side processing is reliable for human readers, but search engines have problems following any form-based navigation.

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