October 10, 2018

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Radware Most Frequently Asked Python Latest Interview Questions Answers

How will you remove all leading and trailing whitespace in string?

strip([chars]) − Performs both lstrip() and rstrip() on string.

How will you change case for all letters in string?

swapcase() − Inverts case for all letters in string.

How will you get titlecased version of string?

title() − Returns “titlecased” version of string, that is, all words begin with uppercase and the rest are lowercase.

How will you convert a string to all uppercase?

upper() − Converts all lowercase letters in string to uppercase.

How will you check in a string that all characters are decimal?

isdecimal() − Returns true if a unicode string contains only decimal characters and false otherwise.

What is the difference between del() and remove() methods of list?

To remove a list element, you can use either the del statement if you know exactly which element(s) you are deleting or the remove() method if you do not know.
Radware Most Frequently Asked Python Latest Interview Questions Answers
Radware Most Frequently Asked Python Latest Interview Questions Answers

What is the output of len([1, 2, 3])?


What is the output of [1, 2, 3] + [4, 5, 6]?

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

What is the output of [‘Hi!’] * 4?

[‘Hi!’, ‘Hi!’, ‘Hi!’, ‘Hi!’]

What is the output of 3 in [1, 2, 3]?


What is the output of for x in [1, 2, 3]: print x?

3: 1 2 3

Enlist the built in datatypes that Python provides.

The datatypes provides by Python are as follows:
1. List
2. Tuple
3. Dictionary
4. String
5. Number
6. Set

What is a DocString and what is it used for?

A DocString represents Document String that is used to Document Python Modules, Classes and Methods.

How do you define the dimensions of a window in a Python Graphics Program?

We can define the dimensions i.e., width and height of a Window in a Python GUI programming. It can be defined using the geometry() method. It takes in two parameters: width and height respectively.

Example: geometry(“width * height”)

Enlist the Looping constructs available in Python.

Python provides using two looping constructs and these are For Loop and While Loop. Both of these looping constructs are same. The only difference is of the syntax that both of these use.

What is range() method in Python?

Range() method is Python is used as a Looping construct. It takes in 2 mandatory parameters and 1 optional parameter.

Example: range(1,10,2)

This method prints numbers after every alternate iterations between 1 and 10. It prints 1 3 5 7 9.

Are indentations mandatory to use in Python?

Indentations are very much important to use in Python. We normally do not use braces to indicate the scope of a function in a Python program. Indentation lets the Python Interpreter to understand the scope of a function automatically. Not using indentations properly in a Python program generates errors normally.

Which method is used to find out the location of the pointer in a file?

The tell() method is used to return the current location or position of the read/write pointer within the file. This method doesn’t require any parameter to be passed in it.



Enlist the Mutable Built-in types in Python programming environment?

The Mutable Built-in types in Python Programming Environment are as follows:

1. Sets
2. Dictionaries
3. Lists

How do you create a Text Box Element in Python?

The Text Box Class is available in Tkinter Module. We first need to import it and then we can take in a frame label by the following command:

text1 = Text(frame1, width = 35, height = 5)

text1 is a variable to hold the Text Element and frame1 is the the name of the Frame variable onto to which we want to adjust our Text Box. It has two parameters viz., width and height that defines its dimensions.
It is mandatory to define the Frame first.

Enlist some of GUI Elements in Python Tkinter module?

Frame, Label, Text Entry, Check Button, Radio Button, Text Box are some of the few Tkinter GUI Elements used in Python.

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