October 12, 2018

Sreekanth B

TIBCO Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers

Explain what is conditional split transactions in SSIS?

Conditional split transformation in SSIS is just like IF condition, which checks for the given condition based on the condition evaluation.

List out the different types of Data viewers in SSIS?

Different types of data viewers in SSIS include

Scatter Plot
Column Chart

Explain what is the role of Event Handlers tab in SSIS?

On the event handlers tab, workflows can be configured to respond to package events.  For instance, you can configure workflow when any task stops, fails or starts.

Explain how you can notify the staff members about package failure?

Either inside the package you could add a Send Mail Task in the event handlers, or you can even set notification in the SQL Agent when the package runs.

Explain how can you do an incremental load?

The best and fastest way to do incremental load is by using Timestamp column in the source table and storing the last ETL timestamp.

Explain how would you do logging in SSIS?

Logging in SSIS can be done by logging various events like onError, onWarning, etc. to the various options like a flat file, XML, SQL server table, etc.
TIBCO Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers
TIBCO Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSIS Interview Questions Answers

Mention how would you deploy an SSIS package on production?

To deploy SSIS package we need to execute the manifest files and need to determine whether to deploy this into File System or onto SQL Server.  Alternatively you can also import package from SSMS from SQL Server or File System.

Explain how to handle Early Arriving Facts or Late Arriving Dimension?

Late Arriving Dimension are unavoidable, to handle these we can create a dummy dimensions with natural/business key and keep the rest of the attributes as null or default. So when actual dimension arrives, the dummy dimension is updated with Type 1 change. This is also referred as Inferred Dimensions.

Explain What Is Ssis?

SSIS or SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of Microsoft SQL Server, which can be used to accomplish a broad range of data migration tasks.

Explain What Is A Checkpoint In Ssis?

Checkpoint in SSIS allows the project to restart from the point of failure. Checkpoint file stores the information about the package execution, if the package run successfully the checkpoint file is deleted or else it will restart from the point of failure.

Explain What Is Connection Managers In Ssis?

While gathering data from different sources and writing it to a destination, connection managers are helpful.  Connection manager facilitates the connection to the system that include information’s like data provider information, server name, authentication mechanism, database name, etc.

Explain What Is Ssis Breakpoint?

A breakpoint enables you to pause the execution of the package in business intelligence development studio during troubleshooting or development of an SSIS package.

Explain What Is Event Logging In Ssis?

In SSIS, event logging allows you to select any specific event of a task or a package to be logged. It is very helpful when you are troubleshooting your package to understand the performance package.

Explain What Is Logging Mode Property?

SSIS packages and all the associated tasks have a property called LoggingMode.   This property accepts three possible values

Disabled: To enable logging of the component

Enabled: To disable logging of the component

UseParentSetting: To use parent’s setting of the component.

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