November 8, 2018

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Check Point Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Is The Chart In Report?

Chart reports are for graphical representation. You can get pie charts columns harts and various other options. 3D charts are also available in reporting services.

What Are The New Features Of Sql Server 2012 Reporting Service?

The SQL Server 2012 has introduced a lot of new features. Some of them are given bellow

Power View – interactive data exploration
SharePoint integration
Introduction to Data Alerts
SQL Server Data tool
New rendering extensions (supports MS Office 2010)
Project Crescent is being introduced

What Is Sub Report?

Sub Reports is on kind of child report which opens in main report when main report loads. We can pass parameter to sub report.

Can Sub Report Data Source Be Different From That Of The Parent Report?


What Is Report Rendering?

To Exporting a report data with different type of file format is knows as Report rending. SSRS supports multiple rendering extensions like Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML etc.

What Is The Rdl File?

RDL stands for Report Definition Language. When we save a report then than the file is saved as ReportName.rdl. It is a XML file. This RDL file is used for deploying report to report server.

How Would You Go About Developing A Ssrs Report?

General development methodology for a SSRS report is to start by creating a data source. Based on the data source create one or multiple datasets as needed for parameters and the body of the report. Add required controls from the toolbox which would act as a container for the fields in the dataset. Format the controls added to the report body.  Verify and validate the report and finally deploy the report.
Check Point Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers
Check Point Software Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Is A Dataset And What Are The Different Types Of Datasets?

A dataset is similar to a query definition, which is executed when the report is executed. Datasets are of two types: Shared and Embedded. An embedded dataset is private to the report in which it exists and shared datasets can be shared across reports.

Would You Store Your Query In A Ssrs Report Or A Database Server? State The Reason Why?

Storing SQL queries directly in text format in the dataset, should be avoided. Ideally it should be stored in a stored procedure in the database server. The benefit is that the SQL would be in a compiled format in a SP and brings all the benefits of using an SP compared to using an ad-hoc query from the report.

What Are The Limitations In Ssrs On Sql Server Express Edition?

Microsoft offers reporting services free as part of SQL Server Express with Advance Services edition. But it has the following limitations

Management Studio cannot be used to administer report server
Report Models will not be available
Report Builder is not available
Caching, History and Delivery of Report is not available.
SQL Server agent is not available
No scheduling is possible
Remote server database is not available for Report Data Source (Local SQL Server is a only option,)
We cannot store the report server database on a remote server (it has to be local only)
Reports can be rendered only in Excel, PDF, Image formats only
Reporting Services will not be able to use more than 1 GB of RAM
No Subscriptions (Standard and Data Driven) can be made
Can not be integrated with Share Point
Can not implement Role based security
Only named instances is supported
Scale-out Report Servers will not be available

How To Deploy The Report?

We can deploy SSRS report in three ways.

Using Visual Studio

In visual studio we can directly deploy the report through Solution explorer by providing the report server URL in project properties at Target Server URL. As our choice this will deploy entire project or single report as.

Using Report Server

We can directly go to the report server and deploy the report by browsing the report from the disk location of server.

Creating the Utility

SQL server provides the facilities to Create a customize utility to deploy the report.

What Is Rs.exe Utility?

Rs.exe utility is used for deploying the report on report server. It is built in with the report server and can be customized.

Can We Run Reporting Services With Sql Server Express Edition, Which Is A Free Version Of Sql Server?

Yes we can. SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services support Reporting Services. These is the free version.

What Are The Tools Available In Market As An Alternative To Sql Server Reporting Services?

Non-Open Source

Hyperion (BRIO)
Oracle Express OLAP
Informatica Power Analyzer
Dundas Chart for .NET
Open Source

Jasper Reports
BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools)

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