November 6, 2018

Sreekanth B

Intuit Most Frequently Asked Latest Pentaho Interview Questions Answers

What Are The Benefits Of Pentaho?

1. Open Source

2. Have community that support the users

3. Running well under multi platform (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, Unix, etc)

4. Have complete package from reporting, ETL for warehousing data management,

5. OLAP server data mining also dashboard.

Differentiate Between Arguments And Variables?

Arguments are command line arguments that we would normally specify during batch processing .

Variables are environment or PDI variables that we would normally set in a previous transformation in a job.

What Are The Applications Of Pentaho?

1. Suite Pentaho

BI Platform (JBoss Portal)
Pentaho Dashboard

2. All build under Java platform
Intuit Most Frequently Asked Latest Pentaho Interview Questions Answers
Intuit Most Frequently Asked Latest Pentaho Interview Questions Answers

What Are The Steps To Decrypt A Folder Or File?

Right-click on the folder or file we want to decrypt, and then click on Properties option.
Click the General tab, and then click Advanced.
Clear the Encrypt contents to secure data check box, click OK, and then click OK again.

Explain Encrypting File System?

It is the technology which enables files to be transparently encrypted to secure personal data from attackers with physical access to the computer.

What Do You Mean By Repository?

Repository is a storage location where we can store the data safely without any harmness.

Explain Why We Need Etl Tool?

ETL Tool is used to get data from many source system like RDBMS, SAP, etc. and convert them based on the user requirement. It is required when data float across many systems.

What Is Etl Process? Write The Steps Also?

ETL is extraction , transforming , loading process the steps are :

1 – define the source
2 – define the target
3 – create the mapping
4 – create the session
5 – create the work flow

What Is Metadata?

The metadata stored in the repository by associating information with individual objects in the repository.

What Are Snapshots?

Snapshots are read-only copies of a master table located on a remote node which can be periodically refreshed to reflect changes made to the master table.

What Is Data Staging?

Data staging is actually a group of procedures used to prepare source system data for loading a data warehouse.

Data Staging Is Actually A Group Of Procedures Used To Prepare Source System Data For Loading A Data Warehouse.?

Full Load means completely erasing the insides of one or more tables and filling with fresh data.
Incremental Load means applying ongoing changes to one or more tables based on a predefined schedule.

Define Mapping?

Dataflow from source to target is called as mapping.

Explain Session?

It is a set of instruction which tell when and how to move data from respective source to target.

Define Pentaho Schema Workbench?

Pentaho Schema Workbench offers a graphical edge for designing OLAP cubes for Pentaho Analysis.

Define Pentho Data Mining?

Pentaho Data Mining used the Waikato Environment for Information Analysis to search data for patterns. It have functions for data processing, regression analysis, classification methods, etc.

Brief About Pentaho Report Designer?

It is a visual, banded report writer. It has various features lilke using subreports, charts and graphs etc.

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